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CineVegas 2008 reviews (full text + pix pending for some films)

Dark Streets (2008) [world premiere], Capture Film International, L.A. Dark Streets and Sherazade Film Development, 86 mins. Director, Rachel Samuels. Writers, Wallace King (screenplay), Glenn M. Stewart (play). I give this film 3˝ stars (out of 4).

A poignant and robust portrait of The Tower night club in 1930s New Orleans, masterfully directed.


South of Heaven (2008) [world premiere], Blue Maria Productions, 97 mins. Director / Writer, J.L. Vara. I give this film 3 stars.

As far off the path from a traditional Western as you can get. More offbeat than your wildest dreams. These characters grab ahold of you and DON'T LET GO.


Women in Boxes (2008) [world premiere], The Fremantle Corp., 80 mins. Directors, Phil Noyes / Harry Pallenberg. Writer, Blaire Baron Larsen. I give this film 4 stars (out of 4).

Everything you ever wanted to know about magicians' assistants.


Wellness (2007), Hand Cranked Film, 94 mins. Director / Writer, Jake Mahaffy. I give this film 3 stars.

A stunning dark and downbeat portrait of a man in a business which doesn't exist. The feel-good film of the festival, IMO.


Visioneers (2007), Fireside / Mayfly Films, 94 mins. Director, Jared Drake. Writer, Brandon Drake. I give this film 2˝ stars.

If you work at Jeffers Corp., your life's a mess even if you DON'T explode. Quirky, hilarious at times, with more compassion than I was expecting.


Go Go Tales (2007), Bellatrix Media, 100 mins. Director / Writer, Abel Ferrara. I give this film 2 stars.

How can a film with Willem Dafoe as a strip club owner, and with Bob Hoskins, be boring?  This one is.  Disappointing.


Your Name Here (2008) [world premiere], MEB Entertainment / Raz Entertainment, 106 mins. Director / Writer, Matthew Wilder. I give this film 2 stars.

Disappointing AND disjointed.  And I love science fiction and grew up in the '70s!  They got Traci Lords for this?


Goliath (2008), Zellner Bros. Productions, 80 mins. Director / Writer, David Zellner. I give this film 1˝ stars.

A man searches for his lost cat. Even with such a promising premise, this film uses up its ninth live about two minutes in.


Memorial Day (2008) [world premiere], International WOW Co., 93 mins. Director / Writer, Josh Fox. I give this film 1 star.

The less said about this one, the better. It starts with a bunch of twenty-somethings in a New Jersey beach town doing disgusting things and talking about even more disgusting things. As advertised, there IS a surprise twist halfway through. After that, things get worse—MUCH worse. If the aim was to totally depress the audience (what was left of it by the end) and make us ashamed to be Americans, well, mission accomplished!

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