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MasterMath® Films, Part Deux  :)


 MasterMath® reviews of CineVegas, Newport Beach Film Festival, etc.    small press fantasy / horror mag I edited / published from 1989 to 1995.  FUTURE!  :)  Top Ten lists, MasterMath® articles, etc.  :)  all about me—or possibly not :) —coming  REAL SOON NOW!   email me  :-O


My personal films—my cat Iridium and / or 9-Ball, etc.  :-O

For my 48 Hour Films—click here ...

9-Ball films ...

These are dedicated to Jeanette Lee, the Black Widow; Allison Fisher, the Duchess of Doom; Morgan Steinman; et al.  :)

# Date Genre Title Runtime Notes
1 07/23/2008 Documentary OMGTISNF: Oh My God That Is So Not Fair! 2:07 shot on 02/24/2008
2 07/23/2008 Documentary OMG9ball: Oh My God 9-Ball Shots! 1:07

shot on 02/24/2008









































Iridium's films ...

yada yada yada.

# Date Genre Title Runtime
1 02/25/2008 Documentary It's a Good Thing Cats are Clean












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