Women Are ...

48 Hour Film Project 2010, Las Vegas , Team Xenon, genre = Fantasy

Character: Alex Templeton, Science Teacher.  Prop: Tape.  Line of Dialogue: "I love what I do."

Music ... 'Sisters,' by Halie Loren, Courtesy of Rumblefish Music Licensing Store.  Special Thanks to ... Screen Actors Guild. This film is dedicated to … Rachael 'The Roadrunner' Abbink; Jennifer '9mm' Barretta; Allison Fisher, 'the Duchess of Doom'; Liz Ford; Dawn Hopkins; Jeanette Lee, 'the Black Widow'; and all the other awesome women of the WPBA. You rock!  :)  This film made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2010.  www dot 48 dot tv.  Copyright © 2010, William Greene Raley. MasterMath® is a registered trademark of William Greene Raley.


Women Are ... end credits. film © 2010, W G Raley.



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